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Angela Grace Quan

Angela Quan

Stay true to your authentic self. Be creative, be deliberate, be open, and, most importantly, work toward being the best version of yourself you can be. Angela Quan, executor to Founder of Limitless Partners, keeps these principles top of mind while navigating the entrepreneurial waters as both a professional mentor and a successful representative for Rodan + Fields. (Depakote 250 mg purchase) We’re lucky to have her in our community, and she’s our Woman of the Week!

Angela was born and raised in Silicon Valley, coming to Santa Cruz in late 2011 with her husband and then-one-year-old son. Now a family of four, she was looking for a way to be both a hands-on parent and work to support her family — a tough needle to thread. Undaunted, she flexed the entrepreneurial muscles that run deep in her family. Her grandparents were successful business owners in the Philippines, and her parents raised her to stay true to herself. Her path was clear. Not easy, but clear.

As a representative for skin care upstart Rodan + Fields, she quickly emerged as a market leader in the anti-aging skin care market, with more than a dozen micro-franchises under her watchful eye — with an international component coming soon. Angela is nothing if not highly motivated, organized, and energetic, qualities that served her well in her previous professional life overseeing 10 offices as a national director for a corporate wellness management company. Clearly, she can juggle.

But juggling skills alone don’t bring the success that Angela has seen. Her passion for being the best version of herself and trying to help others do the same is what sets her apart. Trying to help others do the same. Angela says that community is everything to her. It’s how we connect, how we help, how we lift each other up, and how we simply love each other. Community builds success, in business, in family, and in recreation. Taking the time to build and sustain community is essential to Angela; she says that taking risks in her business and stepping into the great unknown is uncomfortable for anyone, but her community has been a great support system.

Taking risks brings the chance of disappointment, but Angela remains optimistic and energized. The ability to be coached, she says, is of utmost importance because, as she works toward a more successful digital sales and marketing career, she knows she has much to give, and much to learn. Her best advice to others is to keep an open mind. Learning is ongoing, as is taking time to care for herself. Angela is an amazing mix of driven entrepreneur and acutely self-aware individual. She knows that she has to take care of herself in order to be at her best for work, family, and herself. To re-energize, she runs, practices yoga, dances, and journals, and spends as much time as possible with her loved ones. She loves to curl up with a good book or find a great restaurant. She lives fully!

Angela has created a business that works for her, that fits with her belief that community is essential to life. She works to build a culture and group of women in Santa Cruz who believes in themselves and their choices, and cheers each other on. Her community is ever-growing, and we’re so happy she’s a part of ours. She’s our Woman of the Week!

Thank you to this week’s W.O.W. sponsor: Depakote 500 mg purchase and to our fabulous blogger: purchase Depakote

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