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Author Archives: Santa Cruz Socialites

4th Annual Give Back Bash 2016

Written by Santa Cruz Socialites

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Our 4th Annual Santa Cruz Socialites Give Back Bash, co-hosted with Cosmo Chic Santa Cruz, was a blast!
We had so much fun lined up. Thank you to all of you who came out to celebrate with us and for those of you you who helped to make this event a success! 

This year we selected the following Non-Profits to support: 

Bikers Against Child Abuse (Santa Cruz Chapter)
Event Lineup included:
Art activity for the kiddos with Linda Cover of Watershed Art Studio
LIVE music by Christopher Drury
LIVE music by Taylor Rae
Aerial arts performance with Aerial Arts Santa Cruz 
Dance Party with DJ Batwing
Specialty drinks and the delicious food was available at The Art Bar and Happy Dogs Cart with Happy Italian Ice Cart.
Special thanks to:
Event Photographer, Allison Garcia
and SparQle Cloud for donating sweet & savory organic cotton candy for the gourmet in all of us!
Beautiful henna was provided by Rica Smith of Sacred Mud Henna.
We were honored to have Shawn Ryan and Inna Dagman of Persephone Dance Company to share their amazing interpretive dance:
Check out our Facebook page for more photos and join our email list for event updates.

Summer Soirée

Written by Santa Cruz Socialites

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The Santa Cruz Socialites co-hosted our May event with St John Organics and Smooth Body Lounge.  It was the Get Summer Ready Soirée as we celebrate and kickoff summer.

We mingled on a Friday evening, met new friends and future collaborative partners.

St John Organics offered chair massages, mini facial treatments and a make-up glow session.

Smooth Body Lounge offered spray tans and brow waxes.

Everyone was excited and lined up to get a B-12 shot with Rachel Rozelle of Santa Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center.

This month’s ticket sales and raffle sales went to support Camp Heart + Hands.  Camp Heart + Hands is for families whose never-ending strength is an inspiration to everyone. This is a free service that strives to provide support to the entire family of a child or adolescent as they journey through their cancer experience. The mission of Camp Heart + Hands  is to provide families touched by cancer with a special summer camp experience, and is staffed by pediatric oncology nurses and physicians who also know how to have fun!

Thank you to all who attended, what an amazing intimate event.

-Santa Cruz Socialites xoxo

Ladies of a Certain Age: 4/2016

Written by Santa Cruz Socialites

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We are all Women of a Certain Age

The Santa Cruz Socialites invited women ages 55 -to-100 to attend our April event as we celebrated the Women of a Certain Age! This month’s event was Co-Hosted with M Sophia Santiago, Fine Art Model, Event Planner and Photographer.

We brought cheer to a dreary Sunday afternoon as we gathered at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. Our guests were pampered by the TheCosmoFactory with hair styles and makeup.  They were served raspberries and decadent chocolate by Ashby Confections, along with spirits.

Proceeded by the pampering we participated in a mini photo shoot with both individual and group photos. Enjoy exploring our photo album! Photographer: M Sophia Santiago

The ladies were personally styled by M Sophia Santiago in an advanced consultation. As you can see, they are all dressed exquisitely from head to toe.

Socialites of every age were invited and encouraged to dress in black attire and attend  to cheer on the beautiful women in their photo shoot as we acknowledged and praised their beautiful spirits.

The after party was held at the Santa Cruz Food Lounge where we continued to celebrate Santa Cruz Socialites’ one year in business.

Thank you to all who attended and made this event special.  An extra thanks to Jr Fisher and the ladies from TheCosmoFactory as well as to Photographer Tyler Oxford for spending your Sunday with us! If you missed the celebration… join us next month!

-Santa Cruz Socialites xoxo

Namasté Runway: Mar 2016

Written by Santa Cruz Socialites

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The Santa Cruz Socialites mingled by candlelight at our March event, Namasté Runway. The event was generously hosted by Socialite Melissa Mikolitch of Urban Sanctuary Yoga Studio & Boutique located at 881/883 41st Avenue in Pleasure Point.
We enjoyed a fashion show with yoga wear and the new vintage line from Bronze Poppy. There was jewelry by SALT, locally made and designed by Sarah Borgeson and Metal, locally made and designed by Teresa Bruce.  Healthy treats were served by Solo Coco and probiotic drinks from Creative Cultures.  Liz of the Verdant Pantry was there to share her fresh, natural skincare products, including her best seller… Pit Perfect deodorant paste!

Hosted at Urban Sanctuary Yoga Studio & Boutique
Bronze Poppy
Solo Coco
Lily Lotus
Omnia H2o
The Verdant Pantry
All of the featured brands are available to purchase at the Urban Sanctuary Boutique.
This month we raised $205.00 for our local Alzheimer’s Association.
Thank you to all who joined us in the celebration!
-Santa Cruz Socialites xoxo