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Beth Thurman

“Woman of the Week”

B E T H  T H U R M A N

There is no sitting on the sidelines for Beth Thurman. There is no turning her back on the problems in front of her, no matter how complicated they are. There is, seemingly, no end to her energy and drive to make ours a safe, thriving community. For these reasons and so many more, Beth is our Woman of the Week.

Beth has been a part of Take Back Santa Cruz since its inception, fueled by a deep frustration after a wave of local violence and the death of two young people. At that moment, and ever since, she has relentlessly sought solutions. She works on task forces with the Santa Cruz City Council and the Sheriff’s Department, and volunteers for numerous community organizations. In a huge honor, she was recently named to the Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women (CPVAW). With so many places to use her considerable talents, Beth must choose carefully where to commit her time. Her decision comes down to one question: Did it touch her heart? If the answer is yes, she’s in. Her compassion leads her action.

It’s her work both behind the scenes and on the front lines of many issues here in Santa Cruz that has opened her eyes to the good and the bad. Being so deeply involved, she sees just how much everyone cares, no matter if they disagree with her. She strives to promote a culture of respect, and of action. There’s no complaining without looking for a solution. Be part of the effort to improve. Collaborate. Talk. Participate. Step forward.

These are not easy goals, and she’s faced some tough situations because of her work with sensitive topics, but Beth isn’t one to give up. She considers the safety of our kids paramount. It would be so easy to be an ostrich, to pretend that our community doesn’t have big, complicated issues to address, but that won’t satisfy Beth’s drive to make Santa Cruz better, and we are fortunate to have her determination and commitment. Beth brings people together; she has a big heart, a mind constantly at work, and the rare ability to focus on what truly matters.

Thank you, Beth Thurman, for your passion and your action and your positivity. You are our Woman of the Week!

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