Carrie Kingsley

Written by Julie Croghan “Woman of the Week”

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follow I offer you proof that Carrie Kingsley deserves a medal: I called to interview her one morning when she was home alone with her three young children Maya (9), Ryan (7) and Dylan (3). She was also doing last-minute packing for a family camping trip. I would have been frantic, yet she was calm, collected, warm and open to my questions. No kids arguing in the background, no rushed tone in her voice, pausing briefly just once to listen to a child and tend to their need (proving she had not locked her children in the basement, as I was beginning to suspect.) In fact, you could hear from her tone that she had a smile on her face all the while. Incredible. Yes, let’s give this woman a medal. How about Santa Cruz Socialites’ Woman of the Week? Congratulations, Carrie Kingsley!

Carrie is a local, who grew up in Aptos and currently lives in Santa Cruz. She is an intelligent woman with an impressive education and resume. She graduated from Santa Clara University and was the Web Content Manager for Netflix (and held a similar position for other companies). The last several years, she has calmed down her professional life to focus on raising her three children. She still is active with freelance work and has just joined our team at Santa Cruz Socialites. We are thrilled to have her. Be sure to keep an eye out for her upcoming pieces.

Carrie is a triathlete, and when she met her now-husband, they were so busy racing it took them a month to go on their first date. Health and fitness are important to their family. Her kids are involved in a variety of athletic pursuits, including soccer, running and junior guards. The family just recently ran their first race together. Carrie coaches her kids’ teams and says that she is hoping to help guide her children towards a positive body image and a desire to be physically healthy, emotionally healthy, and in healthy relationships. There is so much pressure today, especially on girls, to look a certain way, and Carrie hopes we can teach our girls to be confident, healthy and strong whatever their body type or size.

Carrie is active in the community and involved her children’s schools. She currently serves on the board of directors for her son’s preschool, and is an active member of the parent organization at Bay View Elementary. Carrie makes genuine connections wherever she goes. A prime example is her connection with Monica Karst, the founder of Santa Cruz Socialites. These two lovely ladies are neighbors. I find it refreshing, in a world with too many fences and too much isolation, that these women reached across the property lines and became friends, but I’m not surprised. That’s who they are, women who value family, friendship, connection, and our wonderful Santa Cruz community. And their neighborhood, because of their attitude and that of several other families, has become a tight-knit little community, the kind where people know each other and neighborhood barbecues happen.

Carrie is also evidently a very creative person. She told me she finished roughing out her first novel and was smoothing out the edges, when inspiration struck and she set it aside to begin work on her second. She also enjoys being creative in other ways. She built several pieces of her family’s furniture. She loves showing her kids that they can make creative things out of practically nothing and watching their own ideas bloom. She also enjoys smashing the gender stereotypes by being a mom who enjoys power tools.

I have a theory that those who effect the most positive change in themselves and in the world dream big and move with clear intention. Carrie has made the decision to be healthy, to be creative, to be strongly connected with her family and community and she has not just dreamed about these things. She has taken the everyday, simple little acts of intention to make these things a reality. I hope we are all not just inspired by her. I hope we are moved by her. Kudos to you, Carrie Kingsley, Santa Cruz Socialites, Woman of the Week!

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