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Angela Quan

Stay true to your authentic self. Be creative, be deliberate, be open, and, most importantly, work toward being the best version of yourself you can be. Angela Quan, executor to Founder of Limitless Partners, keeps these principles top of mind while navigating the entrepreneurial waters as both a professional mentor and a successful representative for Rodan + Fields. (Depakote 500 mg purchase) We’re lucky to have her in our community, and she’s our Woman of the Week!

Angela was born and raised in Silicon Valley, coming to Santa Cruz in late 2011 with her husband and then-one-year-old son. Now a family of four, she was looking for a way to be both a hands-on parent and work to support her family — a tough needle to thread. Undaunted, she flexed the entrepreneurial muscles that run deep in her family. Her grandparents were successful business owners in the Philippines, and her parents raised her to stay true to herself. Her path was clear. Not easy, but clear.

As a representative for skin care upstart Rodan + Fields, she quickly emerged as a market leader in the anti-aging skin care market, with more than a dozen micro-franchises under her watchful eye — with an international component coming soon. Angela is nothing if not highly motivated, organized, and energetic, qualities that served her well in her previous professional life overseeing 10 offices as a national director for a corporate wellness management company. Clearly, she can juggle.

But juggling skills alone don’t bring the success that Angela has seen. Her passion for being the best version of herself and trying to help others do the same is what sets her apart. Trying to help others do the same. Angela says that community is everything to her. It’s how we connect, how we help, how we lift each other up, and how we simply love each other. Community builds success, in business, in family, and in recreation. Taking the time to build and sustain community is essential to Angela; she says that taking risks in her business and stepping into the great unknown is uncomfortable for anyone, but her community has been a great support system.

Taking risks brings the chance of disappointment, but Angela remains optimistic and energized. The ability to be coached, she says, is of utmost importance because, as she works toward a more successful digital sales and marketing career, she knows she has much to give, and much to learn. Her best advice to others is to keep an open mind. Learning is ongoing, as is taking time to care for herself. Angela is an amazing mix of driven entrepreneur and acutely self-aware individual. She knows that she has to take care of herself in order to be at her best for work, family, and herself. To re-energize, she runs, practices yoga, dances, and journals, and spends as much time as possible with her loved ones. She loves to curl up with a good book or find a great restaurant. She lives fully!

Angela has created a business that works for her, that fits with her belief that community is essential to life. She works to build a culture and group of women in Santa Cruz who believes in themselves and their choices, and cheers each other on. Her community is ever-growing, and we’re so happy she’s a part of ours. She’s our Woman of the Week!

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Woman of the Week: Nicole Walsh

Please join us in congratulating our Woman of the Week, winemaker extraordinaire Nicole Walsh of buy Depakote online usa! With deep roots in the world of wine, Nicole has been dedicated to excelling in the winemaking industry since studying Viticulture and Enology at Michigan State University, graduating in 1998. (It may surprise you to learn that Michigan has a wine industry, but yes, in fact, it does!) Nicole worked for four years on the Leenanau peninsula of Michigan, managing vineyards and making wine. She then moved to Santa Cruz in 2001 with her husband to embark on a new adventure. Having visited before, she was excited about furthering her industry experience in the Santa Cruz Mountains: an AVA full of delicious wine. She began at Bonny Doon Vineyard in February of the same year, where she still works today as Director of Viticulture.

In 2008, Nicole moved to Marlborough, New Zealand with her husband and young son and lived there for a year. She then came back to Santa Cruz to develop Bonny Doon’s San Juan Batista property, which she manages today. Because of her contacts in the California wine industry, she was able to begin sourcing grape varietals for her own wines from specific vineyards based on their soils and microclimates—unique terroir qualities that she is committed to preserving in her wine. These varietals include Riesling, Chardonnay, Syrah, Mourvedre, and the lesser-known Cabernet Pfeffer. She named her winery Ser, meaning “to be” in Spanish.

“I was inspired for the name after reading an article by Andrew Jefford, ‘Wine and Astonishment.’ It was in that writing that the notion of the ‘Being’ of wine truly resonated with me. Being is different than existing. It is true, wine exists; you can touch it, smell it, drink it. To quote Jefford, “Being, by contrast, is the ‘isness’ inside;” in other words, the natural essence of the grapes unique to each specific growing area. I am dedicated to preserving the “isness” of wine, to allow its true varietal expression and the place and time of its origins.”

Despite her extensive travels, from countries of Central America, Africa, and Europe to New Zealand and most of the U.S., Nicole says there’s nowhere she’d rather live today than Santa Cruz. The proximity to the ocean and the world-class surf breaks here play no small role in her preference, as she is an avid surfer. She likes to travel anywhere she can surf and explore wine. At the top of her list is Italy, followed by many places in Europe, South Africa and Australia. “I need to visit their vineyards and cellars.”

Nicole is passionate about not only wine, but also family, community, waves, and dance. She has studied West African dance for over fifteen years, including a stint in Senegal. Her family is her cornerstone and her involvement in the community, specifically New Leaf Community Market, has been extremely helpful for her winery. She pours at their Friday night happy hours on occasion. And she became involved in the Socialites when Monica Karst visited one of her winemaker dinners at the Food Lounge last February.

This is one hard-working woman. Aside from doing all the various tasks that center around running a business, she can be found at the winery, in various vineyards, pouring her wine at events, at her two son’s practices and games, in the water, or out on the dance floor. And she is working on opening a new joint tasting room with Silvertip Vineyards in Saratoga next month. Go to her buy Depakote 500mg online and join the mailing list to stay up to date. Nicole Walsh, you are W.O.W. and we celebrate you!

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T H E  H E I N R I C H  W O M E N

It’s a sure sign of strength and character that, when talking about what it takes to run a successful business for 30 years, the Heinrich women of Pacific Trading Company mention not their own hard work and expertise, but begin by recognizing their amazing staff. Our Women of the Week – Carolyn, and daughters Anandi and Rama Zoe – want to be sure that their longtime staff is celebrated with them. They especially thank Theresa Roades and Nancy Le Van, who have each been with them for more than 20 years, and Jessie Cutler & Jane Finigan, who have 20 years between them. Founded in 1972, Pacific Trading Co. has been an iconic destination for 43 years. In 1985, the store was bought by Carolyn Heinrich, and is now celebrating these last 30 years run as a mother-daughter team!

Carolyn Heinrich had successfully managed boutiques for years before she bought Pacific Trading Co. in 1985, but her skills and determination have turned PTC into something special. It’s an institution on Pacific Avenue and the Upper Village in Capitola. With carefully curated inventory, an attentive staff, and a beautiful environment, the Heinrich family wants every woman to have a good experience in the store, and to feel beautiful in what she is wearing.

Rama Zoe, is the stunningly creative lead buyer with an eye for just the right pieces. Her artistic background and experience working on the other side of retail – she lived in New York for five years and was a brand representative for Michael Stars – give her perspective essential to filling the store with items that fit with PTC’s carefully curated look.

That look is the result of daughter Anandi’s diligent role as Visual Director, keeping the look and feel of the stores consistent, innovative, and just right. Anandi and Rama work together to best present the Pacific Trading Co. Collection in both their stores. Anandi also has an organic floral design business, Botanical, which she finds to be creatively complimentary to her work at PTC.

As if their professional accomplishments aren’t enough, these three women lead very full lives: they are all mothers, avid gardeners, and have a deep appreciation for living by the ocean and the mountains. They are so happy to be able to work together as a mother-daughter team to bring a beautiful boutique experience to Santa Cruz. They are thankful for their community and their loyal customers, both in Santa Cruz and the greater Bay Area, who have made theirs one of the top 50 boutiques in the country. And we are grateful for their persistence, ingenuity, and all that makes them our Women of the Week!