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Cynthia Mathews

cheap Depakote

The name Cynthia Mathews is well-known to long-time Santa Cruz residents.  Whether working to support local state parks, improve schools and libraries, creating the Tannery Arts Center, supporting the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, developing connections with UCSC, or supporting innovation and creativity in our local economy (whew!), Cynthia has dedicated her life to improving our community.

It is because of her commitment to Santa Cruz –  its citizens and environs –  that Santa Cruz Socialites is pleased to announce Depakote purchase canada as our Woman of the Week!

Cynthia grew up in the Bay Area and majored in art at UC Berkeley where she met her future husband, Bill. They moved to Santa Cruz in 1970 when Bill, a professor of Astrophysics, joined the faculty at UCSC. Together, they established their home here, raising two children, fostering their careers, and enjoying time with friends and extended family.

“[Santa Cruz has] presented opportunities to get involved in countless issues I care about — women’s issues, health, education, environment, arts and history and more. In a community this size, becoming involved can soon be a path to leadership,” she said.

Mathews’ own path to leadership began with volunteering for their children’s schools, at local and state parks, advocating for safer streets and serving on the board for the Museum of Art and History. Perhaps her most influential role, prior to serving as an elected official, was as the founding director and longtime VP of Public Affairs for the local Planned Parenthood.

Mathews recalled how the local chapter of Planned Parenthood “started as a phone on my kitchen counter.” Over the years, it grew to become part of the largest Planned Parenthood network in the country, and a leader in providing new services.

Clearly, the work Mathews has done over the past several decades to expand access to reproductive choice and affordable health care is close to her heart.  “I’m frankly amazed that we’re still fighting these same struggles,” she said.

In 1992, Mathews decided to run for City Council and was elected. In the 24 years since, she has been elected to serve for a total of five terms and has been the Mayor of Santa Cruz for four one-year terms. She is currently running for her sixth term as Mayor!

Mathews’ career is a reflection of the affection she has for her hometown. “This is an amazingly active, creative, engaged community,” she said.

The way I see it, Mathews herself is a perfect embodiment of those very qualities. When she is not working, she enjoys time spent with her family, gardening, yoga, and all the activities Santa Cruz has to offer. She also travels often – locally and internationally – and is, as she puts it, “an equal opportunity traveler” with a desire to explore it all – from cities to wilderness.

Please join me in thanking Cynthia for her long-standing, selfless dedication to Santa Cruz and all that makes it unique!

Thank you to this week’s W.O.W. sponsor: Depakote 250 mg purchase and to our fabulous blogger: Jessica Johnson of Depakote 500 mg purchase

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