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Denise Wargin

cheap Depakote

Denise Wargin has a real palate for wine, a palate she began developing early in life. Our Woman of the Week this week, the “Fairy Wine Mother” of  Depakote purchase canada, grew up as an army brat and spent three years in Europe during her childhood (and another three as an adult for work). She had her first wine at the age of 12 while her family was stationed in Germany—a Dr. Loosen Riesling. On Sunday afternoons, it became a tradition to walk through the vineyards up to the castle. She and her friends felt quite giddy trying to outpace the parents; each youngster sipping her allotted watered-down half glass.

Reflecting, she jokes, “It probably ruined me for life!” Which is most likely true. Later on, when she lived in Texas, friends would offer her Coors Light. She’d respond with: “Got any merlot?”

But it was in New York that she really caught the wine bug. A friend who had graduated from the French Culinary Institute shoved her into an intro to food and wine pairing class with Andrea Robinson, the first female to be named best sommelier in the U.S. by the Sommelier Society of America and recipient of three James Beard Awards.

It was in this class that she had her first “aha!” moment, and she’s never looked back.

Towards the end of her time in New York, Denise had a consulting job out of Canada, so she was free to travel around. She kept returning to California, specifically to Santa Cruz. She decided to try staying for a few months, with no expectations, just to see what would happen. Then she met her husband Mikael through a wine cooperative her friend was involved in. He had just launched Big and Beautiful, Wargin’s first commercial wine.

2011 was a big year. Denise says, “I turned 40, opened a winery, had a baby, and got married.” Turns out she’s really good at tasting wine, and she’s great at paperwork. Sounds like the perfect teammate for a winemaker!

After opening in a coop in Watsonville in December the 2012, they then opened their satellite tasting room in Soquel in July of 2015. They moved into their own winemaking facility at 11 Hangar Way last November where they’re producing around 1,800 cases annually.

Denise says she’s enjoying watching her Watsonville community grow on Hangar Way. She started doing wine events in Watsonville in 2013, with this year being the launch of the Depakote 250 mg purchase “It was our donation to the chamber and city as proof of concept.” Now, after the 2016 event, she’s handing it over to the Depakote 500 mg purchase, who she hopes will run with it and make it bigger.

She is also excited about growing purchase Depakotein south county, specifically Soquel and Watsonville. As it’s a countywide event, she and Mikael love hosting artists at both their tasting rooms. They leverage these events to also benefit nonprofits—this coming Friday benefitswhere can i purchase Depakoteat their Soquel location.

So stop by and say hi—and keep an eye out for more great First Friday collaborations and a wine and food pairing in February!

And let’s congratulate our Woman of the Week, Denise Wargin, for being awesome and kicking butt at life!

Thank you to our fabulous blogger: purchase Depakote online of buy Depakote online cheap and to this week’s W.O.W sponsor: buy Depakote a sustainable & Ethical Lifestyle Retail Store for the Home and Body. Premium, well designed apparel & natural body care products for Men, Women & Children.

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