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Give Back Bash: Aug 2015

The Santa Cruz Socialites 3rd Annual ‘Give Back BASH’ was a community delight. It was a scorching day of over 90-degrees but that didn’t keep us from gathering together to celebrate on the patio of the Food Lounge.

We selected five local non-profits to support through ticket sales.

We raised $2,064.20!

Special thanks to all who donated their time and talent!

Entertainment consisted of:

-DJ Batwing

-Samba Dance Performance

-Photo booth courtesy of  Glen how to buy Depakote & Photo Booth

-Photographer: David Dennis, Co-owner of how to buy Depakote from canada captured all of the fun and beautiful smiles, we are still trying to find the SD card!

-Live acoustic sets featuring Christopher Drury, and Mo from Animo Cruz.

-Live painting were coming alive right there at the event.  They were auctioned and donated to local charity.

Artist featured: Paul Dee from how to buy Depakote online, Nicole Woodling Douglas owner of buy Depakote in mexico, and buy Depakote india.

-Fabulous food from: buy Depakote in usa and buy Depakote online in uk tenant collaborators of the  where to buy Depakote in canada experience. We also had Happy Dog Hotdogs!

-Revitalizing Juice from buy Depakote in the uk was exceptionally refreshing on the hottest day of the year!

Check out the photo album by the famous Yvonne Falk on is it safe to buy Depakote online. We thank Michael Horn of can i buy Depakote online in uk for the fun video, you can check it out on our FaceBook page.

What amazing C O M M U N I T Y support! We love Santa Cruz.

Thank you for those who joined us in the celebration and for giving back to our community together.

-Santa Cruz Socialites xoxo


Final numbers: $2,064.20

$200.00 buy Depakote mastercard

$384.43 buy Depakote mexico

$380.16 buy Depakote 500 mg

$590.52 Depakote 500mg buy

$221.90 buy Depakote 500 mg online

$287.19 buy Divalproex 125 mg

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