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Keri Waters

cheap Depakote

Photo Credit: Karen X. Cheng

Keri Waters is a force of nature. An engineer, then a founder of three successful startups, she has made her mark on the Santa Cruz tech scene, and is changing the way people think about what is possible in Santa Cruz. Her latest venture, Depakote purchase canada, was born out of desire to solve water issues. She’s taken the dreams of Hwy 17 commuters — to live in Santa Cruz and do meaningful, exciting work in tech here — and made them a reality, starting with great ideas, a critical mind, and an unending capacity to work hard. She’s changing things in Santa Cruz and around the world, and she’s our Woman of the Week.

Keri grew up on military bases around the country, but spent her high school years near Boston, MA. She has always been interested in how things work, how to improve them, and taking the next step after that improvement. So it should surprise no one who knows her that she started at MIT when she was 16, earned a Mechanical Engineering degree, then headed west for what she calls “a brief stint in Silicon Valley.” Her stint is going on 20 years, includes a husband and two sons, and, thankfully, has given her some serious roots in Santa Cruz.

In her early years here, Keri drove Hwy 17 every day, starting out as an engineer, then moving into product marketing and strategic marketing roles in the consumer semiconductor industry. Somehow, she found the time and energy to earn an MBA from UC Berkeley, amid an escalating workload, commuting to Asia, and a newborn son. She’d been wanting to start something of her own, and took the leap when her second son was born and she wanted to spend more time with her family.

After selling her first two startups, she’s on her third, and one that brings her back to her hardware-building roots. Calliope Waterworks takes advantage of the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) market, a wide-open field exploring the ways physical sensors and big data can be married to provide new insights and services. She saw the ways she could use an IoT device to make an impact in a world with water issues, an area where she and her team feel a lot of passion. Her product, the Buoy, is a consumer-friendly device that attaches to a home’s water main and both tracks usage and identifies leaks throughout the property. She sees this work, developing tools in this area, as taking her focus for a decade or more. Her stint here grows longer.

When she isn’t working, she spends as much time as possible with what she calls “my favorite people: my husband and sons.” She loves living here, loves the natural beauty, and the collection of creative, smart, eccentric people who are building interesting businesses here. Keri is an active member of our community, supporting causes and individuals, and is a tireless advocate for Santa Cruz as a tech center. The Depakote 250 mg purchaseAwards named her 2016’s Innovator of the Year, and the Depakote 500 mg purchase chose Calliope’s founding team as the 2016 Entrepreneurs of the Year. Keri has a rare gift to bring together the right group of people at the right time to do the job, and to keep thinking about what comes next. Her determination, work ethic, humor and optimism combine to make her a true leader, someone people trust and admire. Clearly, this woman’s got game, and Santa Cruz is lucky to have her. Congratulations, Keri Waters, our Woman of the Week!

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