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Lisa Lent

Woman of the Week: Lisa Lent

Written by: cheap Depakote

Lisa Lent is a global thinker, a world traveler, and a thriving entrepreneur. To say that she is “passionate” about helping people achieve optimum health is an understatement: it is an essential part of her Being. Through developing Oxylent, a line of industry leading nutritional supplement drinks, Lisa has taken her vision of dramatically improving the well-being of others on a global mission, successfully tackling one of the current challenges of our world with innovation and heart, and that is why weʼve chosen to honor her as Woman of the Week!

Lisa is a vital resource in the arena of nutritional wellness, achieving widespread success in catalyzing healthy lifestyle choices through her vessel: Oxylent. “The desire to help others improve their well-being with essential nutrients is at the heart of Oxylent. Many people do not eat or understand the importance of non GMO and organic food. Therefore it is critical they supplement with a high quality daily multivitamin and mineral drink like Oxylent offers. Even with a well-balanced, organic lifestyle, it can be difficult to get everything you need through your food.”

Lisaʼs drive to bring Oxylent to fruition comes from her own experience with lifestyle transformation. In 2000, while based in London and flying internationally for work, she developed multiple clots, known as pulmonary embolus, in her lungs. She immediately sought medical treatment for her condition and began to explore what factors may have contributed to her deteriorating health and well-being. Because she was only in her 20ʼs, she suspected that her lifestyle was a contributing factor. She learned that low oxygen, cabin pressure, dehydration, and radiation can lead to many different types of health issues. It was then that she began the search for the ultimate supplement that could support her nutritional needs. In harnessing her drive, her experience in travel, and her desire for optimum health— Oxylent was born. What was initially created for those who love to travel, has become the ultimate nutritional supplement for everyday life.

Because the desire to give back to those in need is what truly lies at the heart of Lisaʼs mission, Oxylent has designated Vitamin Angels as their charity of choice. They help millions of children worldwide by donating critical nutrients like Vitamin A, in the USA and around the world–and more than 90% of every dollar donated goes directly to the children and mothers in need. It is this mission, the why behind Oxylent, along with perseverance and good decision-making, to which Lisa has attributed her success.

Santa Cruz has played a significant role in what continues to inspire Lisa on her path. “Santa Cruz gives me the peace and tranquility to stay focused on my mission” she says. “Spending time walking on the beach or hiking in the hills restores my energy, so I can be fully present at work.” But it goes deeper than that, “Santa Cruz has taught me what community truly is,” she continues. “With flourishing local farmers markets, many independent restaurants and small businesses, we see our residents thinking locally first and shopping here. It has reminded me how essential it is to support one another in order to have a thriving community.”

Lisa also feels blessed to live among many wonderful naturopathic resources, such as Dr. Tonya Fleck and Dr. Audra Foster. As well as holistic MDʼs like Dr. Randy Baker and Dr. Jay Pennock, Navigator Medical Consultancy. She reminds us that getting a simple blood test from a naturopath or doctor can ensure you are not deficient in any nutrients. According to Lisa, daily detoxing is critical, as is taking a high quality multivitamin, a high quality fish oil, and a probiotic in addition to leading a Non GMO, organic lifestyle. Detoxing with a naturopath can include things like Vitamin IVʼs, and Glutathione IVʼs, which detoxes the liver. Her latest favorite in detoxing therapies is medicupping, which Vicki Krupanski offers locally. It removes toxins trapped in the cells of our bodies. She feels amazing after the treatments!! You can find Vicki at Sei Bella, A Wellness Retreat on Facebook.

When it comes to her personal mantra, Lisa naturally falls back on the organic: “never give up…it takes time to grow a business organically and through grass roots.” It is this time-honored advice and her countless positive testimonials that keep her and her amazing team inspired day after day. Despite her on-the-go lifestyle, Lisa still manages to honor her own personal roots, and is looking forward to returning to Norway (her motherʼs beloved birthplace) to visit her soon to be 99 year old grandmother this Spring. She is proud to report that her grandmother is one of Oxylentʼs biggest fans!

Thank you, Lisa, for your contribution to global health and wellness, and for truly inspiring us to live full, optimal lives!

If you would like to try Oxylent Multivitamin Drink, Childrenʼs Oxylent, Prenatal Oxylent or our New Sport Oxylent, please go to your favorite health food store. New Leaf, Staff of Life, Way of Life, Whole Foods, Aptos Naturals all carry Oxylent. 877 OXYLENT or visit Depakote purchase canada with any questions.

Depakote 250 mg purchase

Thank you to this week’s W.O.W sponsor:

Jocelyn Dubin, MS, RD, Nutritionist at Depakote 500 mg purchase

and to our Blogger: Jessica Vargas

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