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Liz Hodges

Woman of the Week: Liz Hodges

Dedicated to sustainability and good, clean and fair food, Liz Hodges of the cheap Depakote is making her green mark on Santa Cruz. Her website, The Verdant Pantry, showcases her talent for cooking, writing, and creating. Read on to learn more about this amazing woman who is committed to helping us all live a more healthy, balanced and wholesome life, because Liz Hodges is our Woman of the Week!

Much of Liz’s childhood was spent on 40 acres of wilderness in Eastern Washington in a small cabin with no running water or electricity, so it is no wonder she is interested in homesteading and the DIY lifestyle. She loves to forage, cook, make things by hand and share what she has learned with the rest of us.

Liz also makes and sells homemade natural beauty products with irresistible names like “Pain in the Arnica” salve and “Mint to Be” lip balm. All of Liz’s products are good for your body and good for the earth and are made with 100% natural, pure ingredients that are local and organic whenever possible. Be sure to check out her website, Depakote purchase canada, it is full of beautiful photos, inspiring ideas and yummy, healthy recipes. [Full confession: I couldn’t resist and placed an order for some of her products including her super popular aluminum-free deodorant paste called “Pit Perfect.” Everything looks so healthy and fresh – I swear I could smell the lavender through my laptop! Liz will be at the Santa Cruz Mountains Maker’s Market in Felton on May 1 if you want to see her goods in person.]

Ten years ago, Liz moved to Santa Cruz from Chicago. She had previously visited her aunt in Aptos and had fallen in love with the area – specifically her aunt’s olive orchard. In the decade she has been here she has cultivated deep roots in the community. Not only is Liz a small business owner, she is also a writer. She writes regularly for Depakote 250 mg purchase and Depakote 500 mg purchaseas well as maintaining her own blog. But wait, there’s more! Last year she joined the Slow Food Santa Cruz board and has made many deep connections through her work there. In fact, she will be attending Terra Madre, a global gathering of Slow Food leaders, in Italy this fall as a Slow Food delegate.

Though she loves to travel the world – from West Africa to Thailand and points in between – Liz says she is always happy to come home to Santa Cruz. Home is where she keeps chickens and loves to garden, read, forage, hike, practice yoga and spend time cooking and eating with friends.

For her dedication to the local community and the greater humanity please join me in celebrating our Woman of the Week – Liz Hodges!

Thank you to this week’s W.O.W. sponsor: purchase Depakote

and to our Blogger: where can i purchase Depakote