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Maia Negre

Woman of the Week: Maia Negre

Santa Cruz is at the heart of artist Maia Negre’s work and life. She takes the natural beauty that we Santa Cruzans sometimes take for granted – ocean views, cliffs, mountains – and captures it with her paintbrush in a way that captivates. Her beautiful artwork is visible all over the county, and she has worked hard to collaborate with the community in ways that show her deep appreciation for the place she calls home. She is our Woman of the Week!

Maia’s career is the confluence of her passions – art and athleticism – and her entrepreneurial spirit. Her career has followed what she calls a natural progression, but it takes more than inertia to keep an artist’s career moving forward. Maia has worked hard to achieve success; in addition to her line of much sought-after cards, bags, and art-based products, she does commercial graphic design work, and is currently working on several commissioned oil paintings, a collaboration with another artist, and, of course, her solo projects. cheap DepakoteHer work is displayed at the Artisans Galley downtown Santa Cruz and Capitola City Hall, and she’s an annual fixture at the Capitola Art & Wine Festival, Capitola City Hall, Art and Music on the Beach, and many local businesses. It’s this tenacity and commitment that drive her local success. Maia says that if she brings a sense of joy, emotion, and connectivity to her viewers, she has succeeded as an artist. One look at her body of work and it’s clear she’s been successful beyond measure.

The ocean and landscape is a source of inspiration for her, but she says it’s the community support of artists and athletes that makes Santa Cruz a truly incredible place to live. An avid surfer, Maia identifies with the side of Santa Cruz focused on preservation, and the beautiful playground our ocean and mountains provide. She says that if she didn’t live here, she wouldn’t be the artist she is; we say that we are thrilled she chose to call Santa Cruz home. Thank you for capturing the beauty of Santa Cruz, Maia Negre.

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