Nicole Morgan Young

Written by Jessica Johnson

Woman of the Week: Nicole Morgan Young

Nicole Morgan Young is the kind of woman you want to have in your corner. As a successful mom of two and business coach she is – in my opinion – the best kind of coach you can have: one who has been through the fire of challenge and change herself and come out the other side wiser, stronger, and ready to help you do the same.

Because of her dedication to helping others embrace their gifts for the betterment of all, please congratulate Nicole Morgan Young, Santa Cruz Socialites’ Woman of the Week!

Nicole Young is a woman with a calling, and that is to help mission based entrepreneurs, such as coaches, healers, and artists, create a business that best supports them in their work.

“I’m passionate about women remembering who they are under all the social conditioning and fear, and trusting and knowing that their intuition is valuable and necessary for their personal health, the health of the planet and the human race,” she explains, and I believe her. Nicole Young may be soft-spoken, but her passion and dedication come through loud and clear.

Nicole has lived an adventurous and unconventional life, from starting an all-girl skateboard company with her twin sister when they were 19 (trust me, there weren’t many women skaters at that time) to traveling with her (then) husband as they grew their nature connection, community building, permaculture, and primitive skills programs into an extremely successful, lucrative, business.

As a team, she and her husband offered in-depth trainings which included mentoring, workshops, and speaking engagements all over the world. Naturally, that meant a whole lot of long-distance travel, and as their family grew to include two children, Nicole grew weary of the jet-setter-with-baby lifestyle. In an effort to ease the stress she began to migrate her business online and found that to be a truly work-able solution.

Over time, Nicole’s focus turned more toward working exclusively with women – perhaps due in part to the domestic changes happening in her own life. Believing that women are profoundly powerful in their feminine nature Nicole has found herself re-dedicated to her work with women entrepreneurs. Nicole’s purpose is to help women own their gift and make it work for them so they are free to help others.

As she says on her website,, “I’m tired of seeing brilliant women like you get tripped up in the “business stuff” when you’re really here to share your unique gifts; with your business as a tool that supports you, not a trap that you get lost in.”

With all of the meaningful and impactful work she has done, I was curious to know what she saw as her most successful project. ”This might sound cheesy,” she began, “but it’s really true for me…and it is the project of “me.” I have done a lot of really cool projects and have accomplished a lot, but the most challenging project of all, and the one with the greatest benefits…is honoring myself. It hasn’t been easy to be “selfish” especially as a woman. To “put my gas mask on first,” so to speak, continues to be a daily practice. “

For being a dedicated advocate for yourself and other women entrepreneurs, we thank you Nicole Morgan Young!

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