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Raquel Cool

Copywriter and content strategist Raquel Cool is represented by New York literary agency Writers House and has written for the likes of Desmond Tutu… but she also worked in social services for about twelve years. One of her first jobs was answering crisis calls for a suicide hotline when she was nineteen. Working with people from all walks of life, from incarcerated men, to adults with disabilities, to feminist advocacy groups, gave her a perspective often lost in the marketing arena.

A lot of marketing copy preys on—or manufactures—an inner sense that something is missing, that people need x-service or y-product to feel a certain way. I think we’re all fatigued by that type of writing. I like writing from a place of fullness and gratitude.”

Her superpower is helping clients who know they have something inside of themselves that they want to say, but aren’t sure exactly what it is yet. She’s developed a process to cut through the confusion and tap into the core of what that message is. WOW, no wonder she’s Woman of the Week!

Raquel was born in a military hospital in the rainforest of Panama. With a father who was a Naval Intelligence Officer and a mother who’s Chinese, she grew up in a trilingual household that moved every couple of years, then settled in Miami for about ten. She says, “I still miss waking up to Cuban coffee, empanadas, and nonstop humidity!”

Traveling across the states in her twenties included such adventures as living in an Oklahoma mortuary and WWOOFing in New Mexico. Then Raquel found her way to Santa Cruz in 2008 and is still here nine years later, and counting… She still loves adventures—she just got back from a family hiking trip to Utah—but with a nine-year-old stepson and a chapstick-eating toddler, most days consist of work, errands, grocery shopping, and family time (and sometimes living vicariously by browsing Michelin tasting menus on Instagram while eating cold pizza).

The Santa Cruz community has been an unbelievable supportive place for Raquel. She and her cheap Depakote share a commercial studio space in the Sentinel Printers office in downtown Santa Cruz. She’s fully behind celebrating other women in business, and she’s passionate about collaborating with changemakers who have big ideas.

“I love this work, and I feel honored to help others bring life to an idea or message that they feel called to share with the world.”

Raquel also helps people who are very clear on their message, but don’t have the time to create or organize their own content. Right now, she’s in the process of rebranding a naturopathic doctor’s website—hopefully she’ll share it with us when she’s done! Check out her creative direction projects at Depakote purchase canada, and see for yourself why this fabulous Woman of the Week is booked solid through August!


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Decontextualizing Motherhood Artist talk by Raquel Cool in purchase Depakote online2/14


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