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Santa Cruz Socialites Launch Party

Santa Cruz Socialites Launch Party: April 2015

What a celebration indeed! Santa Cruz Socialites held their grand launch party and ribbon cutting with the Santa Cruz Chamber on April 9th, 2015.   Generously co-sponsored with William Ow, of the University Business Park and buy generic Depakote.

Over two hundred guests from the community came out to show their support. We had music from the fabulous how to buy Depakote and danced to the 80’s songs from how to buy Depakote from canada. The food was a delicious spread of paleo samples from  how to buy Depakote online, Meal of the Day, prepped paleo meals.   Wine generously donated by the fabulous “Fairy Wine Mother” at buy Depakote in mexico.  Thanks to buy Depakote india Craft Beer House for the great service and the joy of beer!

Generous sponsors also included buy Depakote in usa, who donated his sales to the Sprouting Hope Project, where girls are inspired to be the next generation of leaders in Santa Cruz. Thank you to buy Depakote online in uk for sharing the Wild Women Blend and to where to buy Depakote in canada for the amazing cookies. A big shout out and thank you to Trula from buy Depakote in the ukfor the prints.

The photographers did an awesome job at capturing the smiles and happy moments.  Thank you is it safe to buy Depakote online, Allison Garcia and can i buy Depakote online in uk.

Women-owned businesses that shared in the celebration include:

buy Depakote mastercard, buy Depakote mexico, buy Depakote 500 mg, Depakote 500mg buy and buy Depakote 500 mg online.

Thank you to all who participated and supported the launch of something GRAND… Santa Cruz Socialites.

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