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Services Available:
Invest in the woman you want to be!


Buy cheap Depakote online, Buy Depakote 500 mg

Promote your business on the RADIO. cheap Depakote 250mg

The Socialite Series, where we celebrate and promote women who influence the world. Each and every week we bring you information, inspiration and motivation from a Socialite who has something to say.

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cheap Depakote


Directory Packages: Annual subscription

  • Business Listing $99.00
  • Event & Media Package $399.00
    Includes up to three event postings per month on our event calendar with

social media attention.

  • Non-Profit Listing $75.00
  • Non-Profit Event & Media Package $250.00

Includes up to three event postings per month on our event calendar with

social media attention.

Get started and register to Depakote purchase canada


Add your business to our Website:

  • Business Highlight $175/mo.

Rotating spot featured on every page, business listing included.

  • Corporate Ad $275/mo.
  • W.O.W Spotlight Sponsor $100/week

Includes mention in our news letter and social platforms.

  • Paparazzi Sponsor $375/mo

Includes mention in our news letter, event blog and social platforms.

  • Featured Business Listing on our Directory $50/week

This spot is limited to a total of nine featured business listings per week.


  • Digital Curation:  Website and social media set up. Design, training and support. Let the world know you are here!


  • Premier Business Package: $1,200/or four payments of $325.00

This is a four-month package to highlight your business, Includes: website ad for four months. Social Media Curation with up to five post per month on our social media platforms as well as our event calendar .  Woman of the Week (W.o.W) sponsorship for one week. Ribbon cutting celebration. Directory Listing for one year with a two week feature listing.


Get Started: