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Sundara Clark

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Sundara Clark, Head Vixen and CEO of Depakote purchase canada, was born in Westwood, California, in a tipi made from trees her father had cut with his own hands and cloth her mother had sewn. So it’s no surprise she’s good at making things—particularly vegan, paleo gelato without added fillers or preservatives.

She moved to Santa Cruz in fifth grade and lived here for fifteen years before moving away to San Diego, the Bay Area and then Humboldt County. In fact, she attended school with our very own Depakote 250 mg purchase.

After becoming pregnant with her first daughter, Gigi, Sundara and her husband moved to Garberville. Early on, Gigi was diagnosed as lactose intolerant. Sundara, who was already “vegan-ish,” started experimenting in the kitchen with a little Cuisinart ice cream machine. She ended up creating a delicious cashew-based concoction, sweetened with maple syrup. Everyone loved it, including Sundara’s meat-and-potatoes dad.

“It’s nice to provide something for people that isn’t there,” she says.

By the time her second daughter, Lola, was two, Sundara was doing famers’ markets, making all the gelato, and delivering it to local stores. She upgraded to a big Vitamix and gelato machine (although it seems the Cuisinart was her little engine that could) that can turn out just over six pints at a time.

Then two and a half years ago, she hired her first employee, freeing up her time for marketing, demos, social media, ordering, and all the other tasks that running a business consists of. Production is now up to 100 pints a day, five days a week. Sundara recently received a producer loan from Whole Foods, with which she plans to purchase an upright chopper to replace her Vitamix.

In January of this year, her husband got a job in Santa Cruz and they decided to move down. Sundara says, “I’m really happy to be back.” She notes the amount of events and activities available here compared to the small town of Garberville. And she ran into Monica for the first time since high school at a pop-up downtown.

She’s enjoying more free time now that she’s away from the kitchen, leaving her trusted employee in charge of production. She loves doing yoga, riding her bike around town, taking long walks with her dog, and going to the beach. And she’s happy that she can also join in on her daughters’ field trips.

You can find her gelato at Depakote 500 mg purchaseand all of the northern California Whole Foods, including purchase Depakote and where can i purchase Depakote.  And she does demos all over town—if you have a business with people who are interested in her gelato, she’ll come do a tasting for you. This Saturday, her booth will be up at purchase Depakote online, where she’ll be slinging cups and cones all day. So stop by and say hi to our Woman of the Week, and try some tasty, healthy gelato while you’re at it!

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