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Jodi Eve Marcich

Written by Jessica Vargas

Woman of the Week: Jodi Eve Marcich

Okay here’s the thing: She’s married to the love of her life, she’s turned her passion for interior design into a thriving (and expanding) business, she’s the mother of three daughters who is brimming with spontaneous-dance-party enthusiasm for life, AND she is fabulous inside and out. Jodi Eve Marcich has officially nailed just about every major “Life Goal” marker on my list! As if that wasn’t enough to qualify her for Woman of the Week, Jodi is contagiously upbeat. Maybe it has something to do with her perspective: “Life,” she says, “is about remembering on a daily basis to share your personal gifts, to find and give joy, to dance, to touch…and smell and taste, to get a lotta bit dirty, to LOVE…verbally & physically as much and as often as you possibly can.” WOW. Congratulations Jodi, for this and so much more, you are our Woman of the Week!

Jodi and her husband own an interior and architectural design firm, JAM design group (www.jamdesigngroup.com), and are currently expanding to include a retail shop, Hive & Hum (Instagram:@hiveandhum and www.hiveandhum.com), featuring home and apiary goods. Her passion for life is infused in her work, which is clearly a fundamental part of who she is. Jodi says she was born designing interiors. “We moved a LOT in my childhood and I was fully in charge of directing the movers by age 7. My parents never knew what furniture and art arrangements they would come home to if they left me alone for a few hours.” After pursuing a Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, she found herself being pulled by a deeper calling and jumped in with both feet, earning a Masters Degree in Feng Shui. Her therapy background has come in handy too, as she seems to have a heart for capturing the true essence of home and family, and is able to use her gift for interior design to thread them together. “I believe your home should tell your story! Every person and family is unique and I love collaborating with clients to design spaces that reflect their dreams and needs.” In regards to her design style, Jodi encourages whimsy and creativity without losing sight of function. “I guess this makes my design style more eclectic,” she says, “as I’m completely comfortable designing modern or traditional (and I love mixing them together!).”

Jodi is fueled by fearless creativity and faith in her design sense. Like a true artist, she can “see” and “hear” houses before the project even starts. She believes trust is the key ingredient for a successful project, and feels fortunate that all of her clients are referral based. It’s one of the benefits of living and working in a small town like Santa Cruz, having that built-in “trust factor” is what allows inspiration to flow. Jodi is clearly fueled by a passion that pulses through her life and work, an attribute that can be seen in her expansion of JAM design group to include Hive & Hum, their retail shop.

Because JAM has traditionally worked all over the Bay Area, one of the goals of opening Hive & Hum, is to “bring it home” in terms of offering Santa Cruz a unique retail/design experience. Jodi, whose family is originally from Alabama, is fashioning the shop after a “General Store” with a strong dose of Southern Hospitality–values she holds close to her heart. Products will include home furnishings, gifts, garden and apiary goods, apothecary, and pantry items… “literally something for everyone from your pet to your grandpa.” In addition, they are hoping to offer a community venue for workshops, special events, or, as Jodi says, “just a place to pop in and feel welcome and inspired!”

Jodi is so grateful to be able to work among a community of women, including her three spirited daughters, who continue to delight and inspire her. And about that “Life Goal” thing, the list goes on: Jodi has mined for (and found) gold, flown in fighter jets, climbed an active volcano in Chile, and was a triathlete! But that’s not all: “If someone turns on ACDC I can make a dance party happen in about 2 minutes!” Jodi is truly a living embodiment of what it means to tackle and embrace life, dancing and designing all the while. Thank you, Jodi, you are an amazing woman!

jodi eve


Thank you to this week’s W.O.W. sponsor:

Edna Vilozny Farmers Insurance Agent

and to our blogger: Jessica Vargas