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Find Your Fabulous Event

Written by Monica Karst

[wonderplugin_carousel id=”56″]Find Your Fabulous Event: March 2015
Santa Cruz Socialites hosted the March event, “Find Your Fabulous” with Image Consultant and Professional Make-Up Artist Nicole Levey. Nicole is a professional Hollywood makeup artist, skin care guru and styling expert.

It was held at Santa Cruz Food Lounge, an afternoon of beauty where Nicole answered questions and spoke about some of the hottest beauty and fashion trends. One lucky lady, Andrea of the Food Lounge, received a makeover during the event.

Tips included:
Brown and black is a yes.
BB cream is a must have.
Invest in good makeup brushes and take good care them.
Lucky for us in California we can wear white all year long!

There was a raffle held to raise funds for the Sprouting Hope Project.
Raffle prizes were generously donated from:

Jennalee Dahlen, owner of Skin Solutions, she generously donated not one but TWO raffle prizes for the lucky ladies to win. A gift of a 90 minute skin to soul organic facial ($125.00 value) – and- a skin consultation with a luxurious Tropical Vanilla Body Sunscreen from Eminence and a Lip Drink SPF 15 from Jane Iredale ($70.00 value).

Noelle Weatherwax, owner of Concrete Rose Salon, made a generous donation of a $100 gift certificate; good toward services with Master Colorist Priscila Soriano and a swag bag with travel sized versions of all the most popular products from their exclusive Philip Kingsley line.

Shanda Evan, owner of Shanda’s Skin Boutique, donated a “Lift” treatment and a 7 day post treatment pack, valued at over $175.00.

Photos by: Jenny Mae Photography,