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LBD: Nov 2015

Written by Monica Karst

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Santa Cruz Socialites November Event: The Little Black Dress.

What a great way to spend our Friday the 13th!

We dusted off our high heels and pulled out our little black dresses. Not the one you wear to the occasional funeral or the office dinner party, but, THE little black dress. You know the one… the FUN one.

This ladies night is always a favorite. It was hosted at Equinox Sparking Wine.  We packed in over 80 women and ended up dancing the night away to DJ SPARKLE.

The ticket covered: a flight, lite bites, fun, music and a donation.

Music: Christopher Drury & DJ SPARKLE!

Photographer: Crystal Birns Photography

Lite Bites: Made by  Plate & Bottle Supper Club
Sweets: Pure Heart Chocolate

Bill the Oyster Man was there with his famous Oysters.

This months proceeds went to “Hope for Brenda” to buy a robotic arm attachment to her wheelchair. We raised $450.00, she still has a long way to go. Please share her gofundme link.  Together we can make it happen.

We celebrated the following Women in Santa Cruz in the Direct Sales Industry. They have a huge passion for their business and love what they do. Please support them.

Angela Quan, Rodan + Fields

Suzanne DeLeon & Sharon Schafer, Damsel in Defense

Robin Brooke, South Hill Designs

Bridget Barry, Chloe and Isabel

Samantha Jilka, Beauty Counter

Christina Bright, It Works!

Nikki Saccullo, doTerra

Heidi Moakler, Ruby Ribbon

Candace Harding, Silpada

Kristi Fennell, Nerium

Thank you to all who helped make the event a success and those who celebrated with us. A special thanks to Michael Horn, Cinematographer, of Tradewinds HD for the film project (coming soon) and the the door men, Dean and Sean!

See you at the December event: Sip-n-Shop. Co-Hosted with American Hat Makers/Head’n Home – Hats for all.

-Santa Cruz Socialites xoxo

Check out the photo booth fun:

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