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Sip-n-Shop: Dec 2015

Written by Monica Karst

[wonderplugin_carousel id=”74″]
The Santa Cruz Socialites, along with American Hat Makers/Headn’home Hats, celebrated our December event: Sip-n-Shop 2015

We enjoyed wine tastings from Wargin Wines and chocolate from Ashby Confections while strolling through the unique treasures of local vendors. We made quality connections, picked out holiday gifts, even a few for ourselves!

This year’s event was held at the beautiful facility of the American Hat Makers/Headn’home Hats, where they design and hand craft their beautiful gems onsite. They have a team of over forty local employees. We were able to take a tour of the amazing facility, if you have not been there, make sure you do it’s quite amazing.

There was a special performance by Yala Lati. Their gift of music was indeed a spiritual delight. They will be in concert on December 19th, a must see and hear!

Vendors included:
American Hat Makers/Head’n Home – Hats for all American Hat Makers
Ruby Roxanne Designs
Bead Goddess Design, available at Art in Santa Cruz in the Capitola Mall
Zia Jewelry Designs
Ashby Confections
Wargin Wines
Bedotte, fleece ponchos
Sophia’s handmade designs (Etched Glass)
Jewels of the Gypsy

This month’s event supported the Salvation Army, we provided over forty gifts to local children.

Thank you to all who came out with your smiles and cheer!
-Santa Cruz Socialites xoxo and American Hat Makers