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Alayna Nathe

Written by Liz Hodges

Whether it’s surfing, playing roller derby, running a bookkeeping business, raising children, or dancing hula, Alayna Nathe is a woman who hasn’t half-assed things in her life. Now a Nerium representative, she isn’t afraid to think outside the box and encourage others to do the same. Like most of us committed to escaping the rat-race and the typical 9-5, she’s accustomed to the entrepreneurial juggling act (in addition to being a single mom).

Alayna literally escaped to Santa Cruz from Palo Alto the day she graduated high school. She began surfing professionally and opened Paradise Surf Shop in ‘97. Then she continued her entrepreneurial lifestyle after she got married and had kids with her own bookkeeping business.

Being a self-proclaimed sun worshipper and professional surfer, Alayna was hooked when a friend handed her some Nerium skin care samples and she began to notice her skin getting healthier. So although she never thought home-based sales would be her thing, a little over three years ago she started selling Nerium herself. “It’s changed my life,” she says. Because she really believes in the products, she’s good at it. And because of her business background she knows that it takes time and steady effort to make money.

She advises that the reason home-based sales don’t work for many people is that they try something for a little bit, don’t make enough money right away, and quit. But she says it’s just like any other business, if you build it consistently with belief, in time it will grow—and the sky’s the limit.

Alayna is big on community, and she enjoys surrounding herself with all the Santa Cruz women who are creating the lives of their dreams. She’s happy to attend events to network and table. It was at one such event that she met Monica and fell in love with her mission of joining women together in support of each other through the Santa Cruz Socialites. “I’m a massive advocate of women in business… I want them to know that they can create anything they want for themselves.”

Dedicated to being active and fit, Alayna still surfs contests—in fact, she has one this weekend! She loves teaching other women to surf and is active in doing so. She also played roller derby and was a Santa Cruz Derby Girl up until a few years ago. And as if that’s not impressive enough, now she’s studying to be a performing Hula dancer with Te Hau Nui! Her mom is from Hawaii, and Alayna has always had a passion for the Hawaiian culture.

For her dedication to personal development, community, family, women and health, we thank Alayna. Her passion is contagious, and she would like to encourage anyone who is interested in taking a deeper look starting a home-based business to reach out to her. You don’t even need any experience to start. “Anyone can do this,” she says. Nerium has really opened the world up to her, and they are expanding into health and wellness with a release that focuses on mitochondrial health coming up on May first. So check it out, and while you’re at it say congratulations to our Woman of the Week, Alayna Nathe!

Visit her website: Alayna Nathe you can also contact Alayna by phone or email: 831.325.9650 realbeautyrealchange@gmail.com

We invite you to check out Alayna’s Women in Business Directory listing

Special thank you to our fabulous blogger: Liz Hodges of Verdant California